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tv   News Weekly  RT  October 27, 2013 4:45am-5:01am EDT

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leap. more news today violence is once again flared up if these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. operations to rule the day please. well back here with more news this week american media reported that the f.b.i. suspects a suspect a russian official who has a cultural exchange program in the u.s. of recruiting spies also is in the f.b.i. apparently told journalists that do you surf and his associates were open ising expenses paid visits to russia for about one hundred thirty american citizens who could potentially be used for spying and moscow replied by saying that these reports have nothing to do with reality but the foreign ministry stressing that the
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probe will only worsen russia u.s. relations beyond go investigation has been willed and even the man himself who called the allegations every turn to the cold war era ruble there chosen if you were carrying out a presidential order regarding short term visits by young leaders scholars journalists and cultural delegates to russia to get them acquainted with the country we found out about this from calls by those we worked with they were approached and asked whether they were interrogated while in russia and someone they were very surprised and called us we were also very surprised and first thought this was some kind of a joke but of course officially nobody informed us of any investigation i don't want to call this yellow press but i guess if there is no sensation it has to be created somehow british m.p.'s a really tell the truth and i'm likely to end up if they make mistakes a recent u.k.
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poll yet again with politicians on top of the most mistrust of professions list or smith hit the streets of london to find out. cash for questions selling access to the prime minister and of course m.p.'s abusing their expense accounts the story that just keeps on giving all of these scandals and more have come together to undermine the moral capital of politicians and the amount of trust the able to command with the public a poll done earlier this year said britons think politicians tell the truth less than all real estate agents don't and nicholas allen co-author of a new book on ethics and politics says this creeping loss of trust goes right to the heart of the just the mystery of all governments and there is a perception i think that politicians have. become less and less onerous less ethical in the way they conduct basically politics if people perceive
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politicians to be generally immoral and dishonest the politicians are going to lose a certain amount of moral authority politicians governments need moral authority if they're going to lead the public lead society down quite difficult policy parts the times we live in to mond difficult policy poets raising the pension age paying taxes to pay off the deficits everything to do with austerity they all require a real moral authority something politicians arguably just don't have as i found out outside their offices over there in port house politicians. remember the wiser would be there with less food for the more i think it's a group of people away from the barman like a rabid frost in the breeze the stuff depends depends of thing on how i come across or how. i suspect in general i know very much the government is trying to do
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something about it focusing on greater transparency with money how politicians spend and misspent cash but don't tear alan spine to. those efforts are falling on stony ground rather touchingly all people in the u.k. really wants is to know that when a politician says he or she will do something they'll do it and that could be the hardest thing of all for the political class. and ongoing hunger strike detainees being forced fadden legal appeals to have the painful practice stopped that's a little of the daily reality behind the barbed wire at the notorious guantanamo bay prison r t gained rare access to the facility to see things out for ourselves here's what the u.s. military chose to show us. transparency is a word repeated by u.s. officials working at guantanamo like a mantra by those few who are comfortable speaking on camera you see the conditions under which the detainees live you get to talk to the people who are responsible
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for garner we make it is transparent as possible and those preferring to remain on identifiable like the majority of officials we were permitted to speak to every week we get media like yourself international media or local media or whatever and they're welcome to come you know we tell them what we have any journalists workflow at guantanamo starts with a mandatory introduction to media rules the so-called operation security briefing or the material that you guys are gathering to make sure that it abides by our policy here even though transparency is a word brought out by all the personnel we talked to on the ground we as journalists access to detainees aside are asked to be very careful about the shots we filmed all the backdrops and at the end of each day videos are reviewed and any shots deemed unacceptable are deleted this one will be ok because palm trees are not too controversial remind you of any frowned upon seaward like censorship it's a series of program established to a car or
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a car program accomplished within the purview of sorry old video and audio recordings and even sketches are carefully studied cell phones are banned from camps we're not supposed to put anything on facebook or anything like that or you know even worry about talking about it over you know anything over the phone this said purpose of these ground rules to protect the safety and security of getting the operations to detain easier to get their vision so we try to photograph them to take down we are warned violations of media ground rules may result in restricted access denial of future visits and or remove all from guantanamo. if people just kind of mislabeled it and have a call to get before just not. giving the true picture i mean the only people who knows what goes on get more is oss and to detainees and getting the detainees side of what goes on at get most apparently just couldn't be done after an extensive explanation of how exactly we are to film the prisoners the amount of detainee face
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time we get a total of one minute and five seconds through a dark glass window the reason we're given out of respect for them and not using them is as you know. you know. making them some kind of curiosity on film the thing like that we don't want to do that despite our requests to not even film but at least witness more real prison or life a high ranking guantanamo admiral convinces us that we actually have a lot more access than we think you're seeing what there is to it to see you know. given the amount of time that you have here to to see if we are as transparent as possible after one minute glimpse at one detainee our schedule is in fact all booked up i think i mean they they were taken to the detention camp kitchen to witness how well things were on their wilsons were not really being allowed to close to the detainees this might be the closest glimpse of their life we might be
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getting today we're being told the that these are the meals that they're offered on a daily basis. we're also taken to the only local radio station all made up like zombies in the audience military personnel serving at the base do you do any news related to the one time detention camp. why not leave that to public media because. you know there's enough journalists over there covering that music sports and talk radio pure infotainment rains here. and so we learn there we're not the only ones simply being treated to a show and party one tunnel bay cuba. and the news adjusts and police and health officials say a series of ten car bombs across the rocky capital have killed at least thirty seven people the deadliest explosions happened in a market south of the baghdad we'll bring you more on this story as we get it.
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by morning to there's only use in just a couple of minutes here on our do you stay with us john. you don't know if you know her car. responds to. everyone in my life that i care about their goal but when it came to skin well. i was sat national champion in track and field and also i was able to go and qualify for the olympic games. you know nine hundred eighty eight i started to experiment with that the drugs i had lost all the financial means that i. was
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really on the street. lamp. black market can. go great. street kid. took right from the scene took. the first strike. and i predict future. on a reporter's twitter. and instagram. could be enough. on mom.
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or. great hopes for freedom and democracy. substituted by great disenchantment. what was expected to be a blessing to the country. turned out to be its curse. georgia the story of a disappointment. i am. going to the. show thirty full control spend over fifteen billion euros on culture that says you need one hundred fifty million degrees we can talk among. themselves from st petersburg to france we travel in search of the song. knowledge we've got the
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future covered. one hundred. days of. the fact that the practice any given moment. people you know doing. is basically like like a normal wrist that you actually drag somebody out of his house in the middle of the night don't know difference is that the person that you are arresting is not really wanted for anything this is just for practice for training the soldiers now obviously one of the reasons that it's being done is in the older to actually train which is problematic. but i would say that if you look at the whole. testimony hundreds of soldiers you will see that the main mission. there the palestinian
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society as a whole not just the gunmen men women and children everybody needs to be afraid of you because that creates effective control over the palestinian population. good lover tour. was to build a. mission to teach me. why you should care only. mission is. pretty sure three. three. three. three. two three. golds three blown video.
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of free media. a female suicide bomber killed six people on a bus in russia. a report from the sea. more revelations from n.s.a. leaker edward snowden with reports claiming germany's chancellor has been spied on for over a decade. protesters gather in washington united and the country is a global surveillance program and. a syringe in that find themselves on the rebels' a hit list. of the spiraling. class. families and solving crisis clearly killed civilians. across an amnesty international. the bodies.


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